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Hello world!

Welcome to the Australian Internet Home Business Review!

We’re going to try and dispel the hype on all (well, a lot, anyway!) of the home-based marketing schemes out there.  Some are good, some are even very, very good.  And honestly, some are downright rip-offs.  Many of them are re-hashing the same information in only slightly altered formats.  So let’s get right into it…

The 1st “Myth” – Can you make money on the internet?

Surprisingly to some, the answer is a resounding YES!

Why then, did I enclose the word Myth (in the header above) in quotations?  Did I mean to say it was misleading?

Well, the truth is that there are sort of sub-headings under the question of “can one make money on the internet”.  You won’t make the kind of bank deposits they claim you can make overnight.  Not even in a few months, and likely not in a year; although it is possible.  If you devote every available moment to the concepts they teach you, you indeed can make enormous amounts of money on an ongoing (residual) basis.

However, if you apply, as they suggest, 5-15 hours per weeek on this, you will make money.  Realistically, it won’t be hundreds of thousands of dollars at first.  It may even be less than $20, even less than $10 on that first result.  But stick with it.  The fun part is, once you see that there is indeed money to be made using these principles and guidlines, you can’t help yourself but want to explore further, and learn ways to increase your revenue.  You become addicted!  In little time you’ll see how the $10 turns to $20, then $50, then $100…  and so on.  But it does require effort on your part.  It isn’t however difficult at all.  Because this really is so much fun to watch it all happen, you could almost call it a hobby!

But like any hobby, you can get as active, or as deep as you want, and just like any hobby, you can spend as little or a lot, depending on just how far you wish to take it.  The most average person will have little difficulty following the step-by-step processes that all online courses offer (more on these later).  And by sticking to the template, they’ll begin to see financial rewards in very little time.  All of this costs nothing to set up and operate.

The more adventurous will want to explore other ways to “expand” their hobby – which basically translates into increasing their revenue!  – and this is encouraged; we’ll learn a bit more on how to duplicate these systems to that you generate Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s), amongst other techniques, which are key elements for those wishing to build a wealth portfolio.

So feel free to subscribe to the newsletter, which will feature reviews on various marketing offers – and which ones to avoid.  Many of these, while originating in the US, are suitable to worldwide, including Australian home business conditions.  We’ll also explore offers from the UK and Singapore too, all offering excellent teaching materials.

  • By the way, this is why a home-based internet business is ideal for ALL Australians.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.  It doesn’t matter if you live in the US, Australia, Japan or near one of the larger cities like Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne; or somewhere in the middle of God-knows-where in the desert or the bush.  As long as you can get on the internet about a half hour a day or so, you can do this!

So stick with me!  I’ve tried a few of them, and I’ve siphoned out a lot of the sludge.  I’m making money now – not millions mind you, but it IS growing all the time.  I can definitely see where I’ll be in a relatively short time!

Until next,